Kathie diStefano employs interactive techniques and creative arts to build awareness for environmental themes.
February 2019: Ms Kathie presents....shows in Baltimore City elementary schools 
Operation Trash workshops, Lyceum Vos high school, NL 

March 2019:
The Fish Net, elementary school in Vlaardingen, NL 

January 2019:  
Mavo Vos Operation Trash Poster Project  

Playing in a Cleaner Neighborhood, Jan Ligthart Elementary, NL 

Rotterdam-Baltimore City Link collaboration 
November 2018:
Avon Grove Charter School
visit to discuss potential exchange program, West Grove, PA, USA 
Operation Trash workshops at Montfort College, Rotterdam, NL 
Baltimore Public Works meetings to kick off collaboration  

Young Audiences of Baltimore presentation for staff, Baltimore, USA
Week of Sustainability, workshops, Geuzencollege, Vlaardingen, NL 

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2019 Upcoming: 
Leading a weekend clown workshop with Dresden Medi-Clowns 

Operation Trash workshop at Mavo Vos, Vlaardingen, NL

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Avalanche Arts Teams Up With Baltimore City 
From February 25 – March 1st (2019). Baltimore City’s Department of Public Works (DPW) and Avalanche Arts, led by Kathie diStefano, continued to work on their collaboration designed to teach trash management and build recycling awareness. Avalanche Arts has been working on this theme full time for over 10 years in Rotterdam, as well as in Vlaardingen and Maassluis, smaller towns boarding Rotterdam and often referred to as ‘greater Rotterdam City’. Although Dutch and American cultures can come across as very different at times, their struggle with litter, trash reduction and good recycling strategies are similar in many ways.
Ms Kathie’s Seagull Mamma show is both an introduction to theater as well as a lesson in trash management and recycling for young audiences. So it was fitting that when Kathie diStefano, Avalanche Arts, visited elementary schools in Baltimore in late February and early March that her collaboration was with Young Audiences of Maryland (add link to my YAMD page here).  
Baybrook Elementary and Wolfe Street Academy were both visited where Ms Kathie performed to audiences ages 4-6. As with most of her shows, this performance piece is an interactive comedy show designed to teach kids how important it is to throw trash away where it belongs. At Baybrook she performed to 150 kids, assembly style, and at Wolfe Street an audience of 50 children experienced her show in a more intimate setting. Silly moves, recycling bin falling on her head and a play along story where children from the audience joined her on stage, were elements that captivated her audiences.  
For the show’s finale Ms Kathie put on a pair of clogs and proceeded to teach the children a Dutch Trash Song, translating it as she went along. The shows left all wanting more, so plans are in place for another ‘Baltimore City Schools Tour’ in late October into early November 2019.
Kathie diStefano, co founder Avalanche Arts, employs interactive techniques and theatre arts to create awareness for environmental themes among her audiences. Whatever the method, ranging one-time presentation or series of workshops, the objective remains the same: having fun while learning.
The Baltimore Rotterdam Sister City Committee (BRSCC) promotes cooperation, mutual understanding, and friendship between the citizens of Baltimore in Maryland, U.S.A. and Rotterdam in The Netherlands. Avalanche Arts has been collaborating with the BRSCC since 2011 when Harbortraces, a cultural exploration, was first launched. Since then Avalanche Arts has visited Baltimore yearly with workshops and performances.
Operation Trash for middle and high schools teaches the importance of good trash management and the problems that arise when we ‘trash’ our communities and pollute our planet.
Playing in a Cleaner Neighborhood, for elementary schools, offers lessons that teach the need for trash reduction, increased recycling and the effects of trash pollution on our environment.
Improvisational Theater 
Impro designed to combine 'play' with learning about cooperation and the balance between leading and following. Playing improv games can be great fun and is a wonderful way to work on healthy group dynamics. 
Professional Development Operation Trash workshop for professional development gives participants the opportunity to experience hands on how fun interactive exercises can enhance group dynamics, train focus and energize.
Community Outreach
Bringing people together to learn and share while having a good time. 
Combining traditional strategies like food festivals and neighborhood cleanups to mobilize and inform residents about important community issues.